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Honda CB Twister 110cc: REVIEW

The bike Honda CB Twister 110cc was unveiled by Honda during the AutoExpo, in New Delhi in Feb 2010.Honda launched the bike as one of the most powerful bike having a different look and sporty style.
The new bike from Honda CB Twister 110cc is powered with the 110 cc engine and it has the CB twister power, which generates the maximum power of 9bhp at 8000rpm and highest torque is 9 Nm at 6000 rpm. The bike is expected to run 70 Km in one liter petrol and it has been launched in three models:
Model 1 – Kick start with alloy wheel and drum brakes.
Model 2 – Electric starts with drum brakes and alloy wheels.
Model 3 – Electric starts with disc brakes and alloy wheels.
Features of the new bike from Honda
External looks and design: The Bike has been launched in a combination of set of colors such as Fujy Pearl Blue, Night Star Pearl Black, Amble Pearl Yellow, Siena Pearl Red and Comic Candy Green.
The screen-less front cowl is stylishly designed and it adds to the performance of the bike. The clear instrument panels and the wheels are amazing. Wheels have the disc brakes and tubeless tyres. The chain case is half open and muffler is short, which goes along with the overall design of the bike.
The new features of the 110 cc bike is its front disc brake, the split grab rails, the impressive paint, the short exhaust and front disc brakes. The cost of the bike also makes it an attraction among young riders. The bike has red color shock absorber and it has attractive headlight and air-scoops.
The engine has four speed manual transmissions and air cooling is 4- stroke- single – cylinder engines.
Ride and comfort: The seats are positioned low as compared to other models and the foot peg –seat handlebar is positioned perfectly. Fuel tank capacity is 8 liters and the design allows the commuter to have space to keep the knees on the tank. Maintenance free battery and the viscous air filters adds to the overall user friendly nature of the bike, and halogen lamp in the front is positioned perfectly to give you clear night ride.
The suspensions in the front and rear are conveniently designed and the bike has a good ratio of the overall kerb weight and wheelbase, which increases its overall performance. In fact, it is a light weight bike and it is easy to handle, even for the average heighted biker.
What are the positive features of Honda CB Twister 110cc?
1. Engine
2. Cost
3. Easy to use – clutch and gearbox
4. Easy handling
5. Better quality paint
What are the negative features of Honda CB Twister 110cc?
1. Excess plastic used in certain areas may get damaged
2. Lack of rear suspension adjustment
Cost: The bike is priced at Rs 42,000 (ex- showroom).
On road price in Delhi of Kick start, drum, alloy wheel is Rs. 43,953
On road price in Delhi of Self start, drum, alloy wheel is Rs. 47,045
On road price in Delhi of disk, alloy bike is Rs. 50,137
Specifications of the bike
1. Engine: Type: 4 Stroke, Air cooled, SI Engine, 109 cc
2. Power and Torque: Max. Power= 9 Bhp @ 8000 rpm, Max. Torque=9 Nm @ 6000 rpm
3. Suspension: Front Suspension=Telescopic Fork, Rear Suspension= Spring loaded Hydrualic shock absorber with rectangular box type swing arm
4. Brake: Front= Disc 240Mm, Rear=Drum 240mm
5. Front Tyre : 70/100-17 40P , Rear Tyre : 80/100-17 53P
6. Dimensions : Wheelbase = 108 kg, Kerb Weight = 1262 mm, Battery=12V, 3.0 AH , Head Lamp= Halogen 12V 35/35 W
Honda CB110 

 Model CB Twister 110 cc
 Manufacturer Honda
 Apprx. Price Php.61,800
 Technical Specifications
CB Twister 110 cc
Engine Type
4 Stroke, Air cooled, SI Engine
109 cc
Max Power
Max Torque
9-N-m@6000 rpm
Overall Length
1972 mm
Overall Width
742 mm
Overall Height
1075 mm
1262 mm
Kerb Weight
108 Kg
Ground Clearence
180 mm
Suspension Front
Telescopic Hydraulic Fork
Suspension Rear
Spring loaded Hydraulic shock absorbers with rectangular box type swing arm
Brake Front
Disc 240 mm diameter
Brake Rear
Drum 110 mm diameter
Tyre Front
70/100-17 40P
Tyre Rear
80/100-17 593P
System Voltage
Halogen 12V 35/35 W
Fuel Tank Capacity
8 Liters w/ 1.6 liters reserved

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Honda CB 110

Honda CB Twister Review


Honda CB Twister Right view Picture Honda CB Twister is a finest mesh of cummuter and sports bike. It happens in the history of the Indian biking that a sports like bike is launched in entry-level bike segment. This is also obvious by its latest features incorporated in the bike. The bike will be available in three variants- base variant Kick Drum Alloy, Self Drum Alloy and and higher end variant Self Disc Alloy (with 240 mm front disc brake). The body colour is sprayed at only side cowl, fuel tank, air scoops and half of the front mudguard. The company borrowed the red colour rear swing arm from Honda CBF Stunner PGM Fi. The fuel tank of the bike is also copied from the same bike. While rest of the body colour will be pearl night star black except disc brakes, heat shield of silencer. The front cowl of the bike looks awesome with sharp screenless feature. All the front parts are sharp and aggressive. The front number plate of the bike is put at right down the headlight which looks great work. The bike sports analogue instrument panel which is comprised of fuel gauge, trip meter and speedometer. There are low fuel and low battery indicator as well. For the sake of sporty looks, air scoops are provided just attached to the fuel tank. A few graphics are used at the bike. One is there at the fuel tank and side panels. The company uses same practice to all its bike models. Honda uses V-shaped six spoke alloy wheels for greater sports appearance and front disc brake looks like a diamond at the heart of the wheel. A small silencer with silver heat shield adds to the beauty of the female. Tail lamps are LED powered and short in size. The chain of the bike is left half naked for style statement.


Honda CB Twister engine view Picture Honda CB Twister is provided with a 4 stroke, air cooled, SI engine with a displacement of 109cc. The compact engine of the bike develops a peak power of 9 bhp at 8,000 rpm while it generates a maximum torque of 9 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The engine type and performance are all the same for the three variants. The bike sports 4 speed transmission and the gearing pattern is one down three up. The base model of the bike is not available with self start and disc brake while higher end variant is blessed with these (self start, disc brake, alloy wheels). The bike is fitted with maintenance free battery which needs less replacement or charging. The paper filter type Viscous air filter cuts down on maintenance and ensure a hassle free ride.


Honda CB Twister speedometer view Picture Acceleration: As far as acceleration is concerned, the bike does not disappoint you as it is fitted with a finest engine. The air cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder engine provides enough power for riding and succeeds to retain power at every gear. The bike, Honda CB Twister, can achieve 0-60 kmph sprint in mere 7.2 seconds while the peak speed of the bike is 102.2 kmph.

Fuel Efficiency

Honda CB Twister oil tank view Picture The two-wheeler company claimed that the fuel efficiency of the bike is 70 kmpl. The mileage is awesome as Honda uses to provide less mileage than other bikes in India. The fuel tank can store 8 litres of petrol in it. The company installed a new innovative technology to better the fuel efficiency that is the digital CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition) system. The bike is developed BS-III norms compliant keeping in mind thus proves eco-friendly.


The stunning bike is available in Pearl Fuji blue , Pearl night star black , Candy sonic green , Pearly Siena red and Pearl amber yellow . The body colour is there only at fuel tank, airscoops, front mudgurad and cowl panels. The red colour rear suspension looks very sporty under the seat. Rear view mirrors and rear grab bars are not in the body colour but pearl night star black. Available colours Are : Honda CB Twister different colour palette view Picture Honda CB Twister different colour palette view Picture Honda CB Twister different colour palette view Picture Honda CB Twister different colour palette view Picture Honda CB Twister different colour palette view Picture


The new bike, Honda CB Twister, comes in three variants and braking system is not the same in each one. For instance, only the higher end model is equipped with front disc brake and the rest of the models have only conventional drum brake. The disc brake is having a diameter of 240mm. Front disc brake makes the bike much sporty and set the bike ahead of others in competition.


Honda CB Twister shocker view Picture As far as the suspensions are concerned, Honda CB Twister possesses the same type of shock absorbers in all the variants. The front one is telescopic hydraulic fork while the rear one is spring loaded hydraulic shocker with rectangular box type swing arm. It comes in red colour, cool.

Wheels and Tyres

Honda CB Twister wheels and tyre view Picture Honda blessed its new bike with front and rear tubeless tyres that ensure less puncture cases. These tubeless tyres are unique to Honda vehicles. The tubeless tyres promises better performance and cornering. The shape of the alloy wheels are v-shaped and looks superb. The specification of the front and rear tyre are: 70/100-17 and 80/100-17 inch respectively.

Wheel Base and Controlling

Honda left no stone unturned to make it a superb bike which attracts every rider. In order to give the bike ultimate stability, the company provided larger wheelbase that is 1262mm. It is to be mentioned here that, larger wheelbase is a guaranty of better grip and stability on road thereby ensure safe and controlled riding. Finest braking system helps the rider to control the bike at any speed. This can also be seen in the Honda CB Twister. Industry standard suspensions of the bike plays an important role in handling the bike when jolts and uneven surface comes in the way. This also adds to the comfort of both the riders.


Honda CB Twister Seet view Picture Honda bikes in India are the best when comfort is talked about. The seating arrangement of the bike is special and has all the answers for the users. The seat is wide and comfy. For the first time, tubeless tyres at both ends are provided that ensure less cases of puncture. In other words, you need not to worry about failure of tyres. Most advanced shock absorbers also do their duty with utmost attention and give you error free journey. The comfort is supported well by footpegs and passenger footrest. All these comfort features allow you to go on a long drive without fatigue. Honda CB Twister is blessed with a stylish and hi-fi console which shows fuel consumption, speed, low oil and battery. Self start feature is there for your convenience.


The bike is very stylish and can be termed as an entry-level sports bike in India. It is loaded with most sought features which normally come in sports bike only. Tubeless tyres is the best feature among all.


Wheelbase and suspensions could be improved. Nitrox shock absorbers and five-speed gearbox was desirable.

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Introducing: "The All New Honda CB 110"

Hello guys and gals out there, who owned or are planning to buy the new "Honda CB110" motorbike. I'll just share some of my opinions and experiences in using this motorbike. I just purchased my Honda CB110 last Dec. 7, 2010, from SMDI and been using it for awhile,still waiting for my plates to arrived:)

I owned a black Honda CB110, nice bike, good handling, very attractive design and equipped with a front disc brake and tubeless tires for a more safer ride. Just last Sunday I rode my bike about 50km and run it hard, until it reach 100 on the gauges, rest for about 20 minutes and rode home and I reach 110 on the gauges awesome bike not to mention its only 110 cc but it runs like a 125 cc, fuel consumption very economical, the fuel indicator dial didn't even budge from the full mark. The only problem I noticed with this bike is when your in 4th gear at 60km/h mark, the gears like kinda slip every time it passes the markings above 60km/h in a long sustained ride.It bothers me because, I owned two motorbikes from Honda, one is a WAVE100 and an XRM110, no 4th gear slipping on a long ride and they are both 4 to 5 years already.  I'll be bringing my CB110 tomorrow for a check at my Honda dealer and will post the result of what might be causing the  problem. It's just not feel normal to me, anyhow I will be posting any mods that I make for this bike...after I tackled this unusual problem with my CB110, Sigh!, first problem I ever encounter with a Honda brand...So until next post! Happy Riding and be Safe...Wear a Helmet!