Monday, May 7, 2012

Mechanical ABS for Motorcycles

What is an ABS?
The word ABS stands for Anti Lock Braking System. ABS comes with two different types. One is mechanical and another is ECU based.  The mechanical system works on pressure but continuously varies it according to the pressure applied by the rider on the brake lever. An ECU controlled ABS works in a smarter way because it is based on sensors and a processor which work together to vary braking force based on numerous information for the bikes systems such as throttle position, vehicle speed, angle of lean etc.but for now will focus on the mechanical ABS the yellow attachment shown below:

  Watch the video between Non-ABS and ABS equipped motorcyle in this video you can understand the bottom line difference between two motorcycles with and without ABS each.  The motorcycle on the left with skid arms is the non-ABS motorcycle, see how the brake locks and skids. the motorcycle in the right is the one with mechanical ABS installed.

Courtesy of Honda. Ride Safe!